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Thomas Keller roasts a chicken

I didn’t know there was a video for the greatest recipe of all time.

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+/- is a garbage stat, but this is still hilarious.


+/- is a garbage stat, but this is still hilarious.

Flyers vs. Penguins: Overtime goal locks in playoff matchup - Broad Street Hockey


"And it wasn’t always pretty. And for a while there it didn’t look like it was going to happen. But as Flyers-Penguins games often tend to do, some weird shit happened in the last few minutes of the game and ultimately we all went home happy (and by "we all" I mean "almost nobody who attended said hockey game, but rather all of you wonderful Flyers fans reading this recap"), as a Mark Streit overtime goal wrapped up a 4-3 win and saw the Flyers finish out the season series against Pittsburgh at 4-1-0."


This was a good game.


In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, and in the looming shadow of Passover, i dug up two old comics i did way before i knew what a Tumblr was. They “attempt” to “explain” two often little-understood Jewish holidays, drawn in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The Passover comic is a direct follow-up to the Hanukkah comic, so i’ve included both for context.

These comics are neither accurate nor informative.

For more information on anything in this life, please consult Wikipedia.

what everyone else needs is to hear Darcie the explain Judaism after a few drinks.

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I am leaving for the NHL. If they tell you I have been kidnapped, or something bad happened to me, it’s not true.

—Sergei Fedorov to the Russian team trainer as Fedorov was defecting. Fedorov was walking through the lobby with a Red Wings intermediary at the Russian team’s hotel in Portland, OR when the elevator doors opened and the team trainer stepped out. (via hockey-time-machine)

Every. Fucking. Day.

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