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Chris Pratt

ALS Ice bucket challenge accepted.


-A true hero.

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Important cat facts:

1) Fat kitties is best kitties.

2) When kitties lie on their backs with their tummies showing, it means they feel comfortable. If they show you their tummies, feel honored! It means they feel comfortable around you.

3) THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO PET THE TUMMY. I know this is the exact opposite of dog body language and may be confusing. But even comfortable kitties are still tiny warriors and don’t really like people reaching for their vulnerable underbelly. Remember that when a kitty is on their back, ALL of their pointy bits are directly facing you, and they will not hesitate to use said pointy bits.

4) If a kitty loves you very much, and is very sleepy, it may be okay to veeeeery gently touch the tummy (though starting with the chest is the safest approach). If you are blessed by Bastet and all the kitty goddesses, the kitty will let you nuzzle their tummy with your face. This is the greatest sensation known to humankind. It is also an ADVANCED MOVE and should never be attempted by cat novices.

These have been important cat facts. Thank you.

I’ve never seen a lion showing his tummy like that before

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Yesterday’s ill timed August rain, if there is such a thing as ill timed August rain.

Sometimes when you’re brain is wired all weird, small things can happen during the day that come back to haunt you and replay themselves over and over until you almost go a little crazy.

The other day someone made fun of how I talk. I get easily excited and can be kind of a loud talker, and I guess I’m a little sensitive about it? I really can’t help it. It’s not something a person can actively control ALL THE TIME. And I guess this guy just found the perfect time to jab me about it:

*nasal and super high pitched accompanied with a shitty sneer*

"Have a nice day, okay? Have a nice day, okay? That’s all I can hear right now!"

Nothing like a couple small sentences like that to take the wind outta your sails. I was left thinking “Fuck, is that what I sound like? No wonder people look at me funny all the time” which is great when you’re dealing with the public all fucking day long. What is the point of saying that to someone?

I guess if that’s all I have to complain about right now I’m doing pretty alright.


Shout out to Al Jazeera straight up showing a video of their reporters getting tear gassed during a live interview of the Ferguson police chief denying that they are tear gassing journalists.

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" There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you’ve got to be kind."

-Kurt Vonnegut

I’ve seen this quote thrown around a lot over the years, and as I get older it really is one I’ve kind of latched on to. It’s a pretty simple life view, childish, idealistic, but it calms me down and sort of checks me at times so it can’t be a bad thing, right?